Friday, March 27, 2009

meet me tonight in Atlantic City

I've pretty much been non-stop listening to Bruce Springsteen since I got back from Palm Desert. (hence the title of today's blog) Don't ask why.

So today was my first full day of school since the Break and I was so out of it. It was raining today, which definitely did not lift my mood so I was reminiscing about the desert, and how much I loved the dry heat. I had French last block(gross) and Choir before that. After today's class, I know now there is no way I am taking that as my elective next year. No way. What sucked was I totally lost my voice 5 minutes be fore class started. My mistake for talking with Jess about Grey's Anatomy. Trust me, all you have to do is say McDreamy or McSteamy to the both of us, and we might just go crazy thinking about those two words and what they really mean to us.
Last night I watched a very very very very amazing movie called "Running on Empty". And the reason I stumbled upon it and decided to watch it was because an 18 year old River Phoenix was the star. I actually cried at the end of the movie, that is how touching and emotional the film is. The whole time I was watching it, though, I could not stop thinking about why River Phoenix had to die. He was such an amazing actor, and maybe if he was still alive he could stop his brother from becoming the joke of Hollywood. And on the plus side, River was really really cute. Too bad he passed at the age of 23.

The only upside to today was the fact that it's a Friday. I didn't go out or anything, but I did get Breakfast At Tiffany's from the library. Oh you do not know how overly happy and excited I was. The first time I watched this movie, was on my iPod. Definitely not the most comfortable way to watch a 2 hour movie. Afterwards, I realized I completely idolize Holly Golightly(Hepburn's character). If only I could look like Audrey Hepburn for a day, if only...........

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bye bye rainy days

Finally, I'm getting outta this place. Heavenly sun, come to me!

Shopping and swimming(still don't have that bikini bod yet) and DISNEYLAND, in 8 hours it will be take-off for moi.

I'm praying I've got everything I need packed, I made like 4 lists.

So today, I hung around with my 2 favourite LFAers, and the sibling of one. I introduced them to some of the best independent stores here (that included a super cool record store!) and after we headed for some sushi, although I ordered chicken teriyaki. There was so much to eat, I didn't even finish it, but I was so full I didn't even eat dinner..........oh well, sucks for me. I was also introduced to 'coffee bubble tea' it wasn't bad, but I still prefer choco over any other flavour.

Since I have to wake up at 4am (WTF) I must sleep now. Well, it'll all be worth it once I hit that gorgeous sun. I swear though, it if rains at all, I will be so pissed......

See ya in 8 days!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If U Seek Amy

Yeah so I kinda just figured out why that Britney song is so controversial. After researching through Google I discovered what 'If U Seek Amy' stands for. Please people, who the hell cares what the title actually means. There are far more women degrading, racial slurring, swearing every other word songs on the radio. But are the parents of America protesting against those songs, I don't think so. Seriously, if it took me this long to figure out what is so racy about it, then chances are majority of the kids who've listened to this song do not know what it means, and probably don't give a damn either. So parents, if you're so worried about what your kids will learn or "discover" from listening to this song, you might as well ban them from listening to the radio altogether.

On a lighter note, I owe my local library 10 buckaroos. WTF?! Okay there is no way I owe them that much. I returned all the DVDs I had out. This is messed up, I bet it's all the work of that creepy check-out lady. She hates my guts, it's so obvious.

I'm praying it doesn't rain tomorrow, I don't need that right now, please God. So 2 more days and it's the dessert and sun for moi. Yet I don't have the bikini body I was hoping for, darn. The fact that my mom made fish&chips tonight doesn't help. So now, I'm listening to 'E-Pro' by Beck, a song I've heard so many times but didn't realize it's full potential until I started hearing it on the "I Love You Man" commercials. Speaking of which, I really want to see that movie. Although it is about bromance, it looks so hilarious!

Alrighty, well my sister is eating ice cream, and because I have my wonderfully painful cramps, I am most definitely craving.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Alright, so the most eventful moment of my day was when I went grocery shopping with my mom. I was just happy to be out of the house!
In 3 days I will be gone from this place, though. Finally! It feels like my Spring Break hasn't even started yet.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to sport a bikini at my decided vaca. destination :(
I don't have as much confidence as other girls I know........ So I guess it will be a one piece and a tankini for me. Darn, if only there were more track workouts, I wouldn't be so ashamed, hahah then again, who am I kidding???

So the parents have told me that we will have one day dedicated to shopping, wonderful. One day. Oh well, I looked up what was at the Palm Springs outlet, nothing excitingly good besides VANS and CONVERSE. Note the blog before this one, I really need to go to Converse.
The rest of the trip will consist of 1 day for DISNEYLAND (last time I went, I was an incredibly chubby 10 year old, so I am most defs excited for this), another day dedicated for hiking (oy) and another for a gigantor water park. Although I calculated the time, and there is a 97% chance the deadly red thing will be visiting me during that time. Can you say killjoy?

So what am I doing now? Listening to old school Britney Spears songs that's what! I was thinking about the songs I used to listen to when I was, well ya know, little. And I remembered when Christina, Britney, N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, and S Club were the coolest people in the world. So I went on imeem, typed in Britney Spears, and now I'm listening to Crazy, Stronger and Oops I Did It Again. Seriously people, whatever happened to bubble gum pop? The catchy lyrics and tunes are just the most addicting things ever. I now know why I was such a huge Britney fan. Too bad her tickets had to be uber pricey, well that's why I'm going to see Beyonce right?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

it's your party and it's not at your house? "yeah, you got a problem with that?"

Alright, so Friday was a very awesome day.

R and K, the best people ever, planned what was probably the best birthday party I've ever had.

Words cannot express my gratitude.

So I totally had a good time. The BEST were all there, and that included my favourite LFAers and VCers. On the plus side, I had something to wear that was not a repeat offense! Boo ya.

On the down side, the heart-to-heart sorta turned into a bash-to-bash. Then again, I did leave before it was over, so I don't know the details of what went down the rest of the night.
And yes it's true, I was not the last to leave. My father had work the next day so we negotiated on 9:30. How messed up was that? Not even 9:45.

Did I mention I was also 2 hours late? Hahahah, and there was almost no food! Lucky for me, Sheila saved a whole box of pizza, THANK YOU. And then the ice cream cake was just the best. Hamtaro was on it, hahah I love my friends.

So yesterday, I literally did nothing besides being a good Catholic and going to church.
After dinner my parents started watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High. They obviously don't know that I've already seen it. But I pretended I hadn't and stared at the computer like a good child.

So my awesome party planners are both in the States as I type this. What total bull. They don't come back until the day I leave, ugh you guys both suck! Well, I'm sure I can last 4 more days in this dreadfully rainy/snowy bore.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


So I went online browsing for some Converse and came across these beauties! I now know that I definitely need to save up in order to expand my collection......

PINK FLOYD shoes! I have never seen these before, must have them.

Converse JAMS. How can you not love 'em?

So I typed in The Who for Converse in Google images, and this came up instead. WTF?! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this! But I cannot find them on the Converse web site. Unless they haven't come out yet. I just have to have these. HAVE TO.

Anyways, this is what I was originally searching for ever since I saw them in Teen Vogue recently. This shoe will most definitely be one of my near future purchases.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

tylenol is useless

yes, it's true, I have discovered Tylenol does nothing to help pain, a cough, or whatever.

I lost my voice today, how unfortunate. The only way I've been able to communicate is by using weird sign language. Luckily, my family can communicate just fine.

So anyways, today was also my dad's birthday, and we did nothing, just like mine. I was supposed to see WATCHMEN with him today, but I read in the Metro News that it had the 'best sex scene in the history of film' or something like that, and I realized there was no way I was going to sit through that with my dad sitting beside me. Can you say 'awkward'?????
Instead, we complained about my sister having her friends over for no specific reason, and eating us out of house and home. Who knew LGs could eat so much?
I should have been studying for French today, but ya know, it was my dad's birthday, and I was terribly under the weather. Eh, as long as my overall grade for French is a B, my parents don't care.

My throat has been killing me today. I try to cough but it does nothing, just makes it hurt even more! So my mom told me to take the Day-tim Tylenol for dry coughes, ugh it hasn't done anything for me.

Whenever I did try to speak, I literally sounded like Al Pacino in The Godfather III. So annoying.
Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have some of my voice back.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"If I could turn back time", "forever young!" haahahah

Yes well, today is my birthday, which means I am a year older. How wonderful -____-"

Don't get me wrong, I had a good day, nothing out-of-the-way special, just a birthday greeting by all my friends.
Although I was quite surprised when I got home.

First and foremost, my mom cleaned out my whole room! I was so surprised she wanted to touch any of the junk I had in there. But she did, I love my mom for that.
And then for dinner, my dad came home with pizza (really, really good pizza if I might add) and a cake!
Jeez, never thought I was gonna get a cake tonight.......... Cookies&Cream ice-cream cake, my personal fave.
Now that I think of it, I bought myself a Dairy Queen blizzard after school :$
Oh well, it is my day of celebration ;)

So really, I didn't do anything particularly *special* but it was an alright day.

Now, I'm sitting at my computer, still sore from head to toe from today's work out, but I'll live to see another day.
Anyhow, after I came home to see my room clean, I ended up watching Life on Mars. My absolute favourite show on TV at the moment, there is nothing better. Except yesterday I found out that ABC was axing it!!!! How can they cancel a brilliant show like this?????? It's so tragic, really. So I'm guessing they're going to find a way to wrap up this season so they can make way for a very new and stupid sitcom or reality show. *deep sigh* Oh well, that's how competitive networks are.

Tonight I will reminisce on my childhood. Huh, 14 years of my life have already past. Strange.

Well, as Rod Stewart ends singing in my ear drum, I must answer his question : Yes, Mr.Stewart, you 'were' sexy, when you were young. So now I think it's time to throw in the towel, you're too old to continue touring.

Until another day

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Peter Pan sucks, I want to relive my childhood.

So I've started my countdown now. The last day of being 14 years old? I beg to differ.

This day was so incredibly pathetic, I almost went home halfway through, but I decided to give this day a chance, see if anything good would come out of it. Well nothing did!
So now I am sitting here, soar from head to toe because of my wonderfully painful track practice.

And I must ask the question, why was I not automatically born physically fit????

So tomorrow is a day of celebration, for me anyways. But, I must say that I have picked
up my dad's it's just another day attitude towards birthdays.
Really, it just symbolizes that you're getting older. And once you are 'old' you don't exactly enjoy what the celebration is for anymore.
Peter Pan on the other hand never ages. He sucks, I bet Benjamin Button wishes he was blessed with that curse instead.

Since I've been asked by more than 5 people "what am I going to do for my day?"
This is a list of what I would like to do, not what will actually happen

  • stay home, wrapped in my most comfortable blanket, with cake and a mug of very creamy hot choco watching my most favourite films from the Disney Renaissance

  • on the exercising side, take a bike journey to wherever.

  • shop shop shop and SHOP, I think I hear H&M calling my name......

  • eat out at the Keg. My un-vegitarian self is craving some steak or kalimari

Speaking of Disney movies, I must finish watching Beauty and the Beast. It's way overdue, but can you blame a girl for reliving her childhood as much as she can?

Monday, March 2, 2009

French can wait, yes it can.

Well, as I put off studying for French for the umpteenth time, I have decided to write my first blog.

Yes I know, me having a blog.........Strange, seeing as I don't exactly know how to blog. And I was never particularly good at writing in a diary either. I've probably had 10 different diaries, many were never written in (what a waste of paper!)

So yesterday was the First of March. Nothing special, just your average Sunday. Except, (for anyone who actually cares and keeps track of these things) it was Roger Daltrey's birthday! And I completely forgot about it. Shame on me since I am the biggest WHO fan. I was very dissapointed that Rock 101 did not decide to wish him a happy birthday like they usually do with a rock star's birthday. Oh well, I guess it was something I had to celebrate with me, myself and I.
why don't all men look like him?
Happy Birthday Mr.Daltrey!
(finally, I've found a famous Pisces)