Monday, May 25, 2009


so because I have the best parents ever, I got to meet SELENA GOMEZ herself on Monday.

A few of my friends waited for 5 hours after school on Friday to meet her, and I didn't find out about it until Saturday! So I made a vow that I had to find her before she flew back to the States, I didn't even care about an autograph or photo, I just wanted to meet her and say something to her in person. Not really a lot to ask for, right?

So my friends and I decided we should go and try to find her. Unfortunately, I had a doctor's appointment at 3:30 and I woke up at 12pm! I ended up calling my friend and telling her that because we both woke up late, there was no point, and our other friends were busy.

Anywho, my mom said I could still go if I brought my lil sis with me too since she's the real Selena fan. So I said fine, as long as I get to go right? My dad wasn't all too happy about taking us since there was no guarantee that she would actually be there, but guess what? SHE WAS

I got there at like 6:33 (so specific, i know) and I missed her! She had already come out to take pics with fans and sign autographs so I just caught her walking on the other sidewalk. "HI SELENA" I yell, except I wasn't really that loud because for some reason I felt kinda weird yelling at her.......
Anyways, I was pretty disapointed because I couldnt even get a picture of her on the other sidewalk. But, lucky me, these two girl who'd been there before, talked to Selena's bodyguard for me and he said that she was coming out in 5 minutes because she was done filming for the day. So........she came out and I yelled "SELENA! CAN I HAVE A PICTURE?" And holy shizzles, she was sooooo nice! She came right over and took like 5 pictures with me and my sis. Oh, she also signed my magazine, the June/July issue of Teen Vogue because, ya know, she's on the cover.

So that was the highlight of my week. The first celebrity I've ever met in person. Apparently Zac Efron is coming in 1-2 weeks, so I am praying that I'll get a picture with that hotty. Hahah, and when the TWILIGHT cast comes back in August, I am for sure going to 'actually' look for them.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

live long and prosper

Guess it's time for my review of 2009's STAR TREK!

(Just so you all know, I've 'officially' seen this movie TWICE. )

So, personally, I absolutely completely incredibly totally loved love loved and enjoyed the movie. And trust me people, I thought Star Trek was the stupidest thing ever before I watched this. For all non-fans, and I mean ALL, this film is a great way to understand the whole concept of the franchise and why there are such a thing as Trekkies or Trekkers, whichever name they prefer. J.J. Abrams was able to make this film so believable. I know it take place in the future and all, but it's a believablee future. One where humans and aliens live side by side but we still ride motorcycles and drive in cars. I took my mother to see it for Mother's Day, like I said, and my reaction when it ended was "WOW, that was insane! I have to watch the originals now!" And the second time I saw it, well, let's just say I had a whole new understanding and appreciation for Star Trek.

Now, time for the actors:
(Because I really don't know much about the other characters, I'll stick to the main ones, Kirk and Spock)
CHRIS PINE as Cpt. James T. Kirk: I honestly thought Chris Pine did very well as Kirk (and I'm not saying that because I also think he's the hottest man alive at the moment). Now, I still haven't seen the character when he was played by Shattner, but from what I saw and from what I've read, I though that Pine sort of played Kirk his own way. He portrayed his as a kind of brash, loud, cocky and very full of himself. Which made him all the more attractive and enjoyable to watch. To sum it all up, this version of Cpt. Kirk is the type of guy you'd love to go out with, but would never ever bring home to Mom or Dad for that matter. Congrats to Chris Pine for succeeding in this role!

ZACHARY QUINTO as Spock: First of all, to everyone who saw the film already, how much more alike could Zach Quinto look to Leanord Nemoy when he first played Spock?!?!?! Quinto was fantastic in this role! Not only did he portray Spock just like Nemoy, but he too put his own spin on the character. In the original 60s TV series, Spock is an emotionless Vulcan (but they all are/were), but in 09's Star Trek, Spock has more depth to him. He is waaaay more emotional that originally portrayed, which is what I liked the most. Quinto showed off a lot more of Spock's human side. Well done Zachary Quinto!
Now, as I said in the last entry, I was going to touch a bit more on Chris Pine.
Holy shizzles ladies! If you never thought Chris Pine was sexy, dreamy, steamy, or attractive in any way before, or if you only thought he was slightly one of those, then you will love love love love him once you walk out of the theatre! I did see Princess Diaries 2 and Just My Luck, and I personally did not think he was anything special, but ohmagawd, I have a new and HUGE appreciation for this guy now.
I'm guessing he's not as blond as his character Kirk is, which is probs why his hair is so dark in pictures, but I really think he should just stay blond, because it brings out the gorgeous blue in his eyes. Never before did I think I would be typing in Captain Kirk into Google, but here I am now, practically searching up that subject almost all the time.
(I just had to add this in)

But I'm completely devastated now. Apparently Mr.Pine was spotted out with Audrina Partridge herself. Now I don't want to be like any of those tabloid sites, but COME ON. I apologize in advanced to all Audrina fans, but she does not deserve Chris Pine, and he can do so much more better than her. I really liked him with Beau Garrett, they were an adorable couple. Audrina and him are not. It just seems to me that she's might possibly be using him to gain fame, especially since she's getting her 'own' reality show (she can't live without the cameras I see). I just hope that Pine opens his eyes and sees the many more beautiful and attractive girls in Hollywood, or in other countries. Ones that aren't just skin and bones, and who sound intelligent when they open their mouths. Another apology to Audrian fans, but I just don't like her. Maybe if I knew her personally I might, but from what I've seen from every episode of THE HILLS, she doesn't seem like the type of girl I'd want as a 'close friend'.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

dead and gone

why do the best TV shows always enjoy killing off very lovable characters?!

I just finished watching Grey's Anatomy, oh boy did I cry.

It was just so depressing, how could Shonda Rhimes just kill off O'Mally and Izzie on the same episode on the same day!
UGH, I am so upset, I am going to
miss Katharine Heigel and T.R. Knight so much. The only sweet thing was that they met each other in heaven. WHY WHY WHY though????

I thought for sure that McDreamy had saved her life, it was so obvious! She had her memory back, she remembered who she was, A
lex and her were gonna live happily ever after..........................

Honestly, who knows where the show is gonna go now? That was the group! Now it's all over......
I guess this means the show can focus more on McSteamy and Lexie, which isn't bad choice seeing how they're practically one of the main reasons I still follow the show :$

Believe it or not, I
stopped watching Grey's after the beginning of the 3rd season when all the new interns came in. But once the crossover episodes aired, I WAS SO HOOKED again. Really, I just wanted to see Addison and Derek on the same show again, but I found my love for Grey's Anatomy during those episodes, so it's all good. I now have something to look forward to on Thursdays since I gave up on Smallville and Supernatural, and Ugly Betty isn't doing much for my taste either.

bye bye :'(

BTW: Star Trek was AMAZING. My next blog will be my review of it, and how incredibly dreamy Chris Pine is ;)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

turn me loose

so for the first time in a long time, I had a very stress-free day. and trust me, if felt very very nice.

Anyhow, I h
aven't written and entry in a while. I've had nothing to write about, no inspiration. But it's a Saturday night, what else am I gonna do?

I've recently begun to read Lauren B
acall's autobiography called "By Myself and Then Some" and I highly recommend you people pick it up and read it! Life in the 40s was so incredibly different from life now. Now I'm nowhere near finishing the book, but it is so interesting. To be honest though, I only wanted to read it because I wanted to know more about her marriage to Bogie. But now, I've been able to bond much much more with my grandparents. I can completely talk to them about the 'old days' and the movies and actors from 'back then'. Even my vice principal was so shocked that I even knew who Lauren Bacall was. Hahah, it always makes me laugh when older people discover how much I know about the 40s-70s, but ya know, I get it from my mom. She was exactly the same when she was my age.

Speaking of my momma, she agreed to watch STAR TREK with me tomorrow. And if we don't, I will be devastated. No that's too big of a word, but I'll still be upset. I am dying to watch this movie, and I bet you people anything that after I watch it, I will try my best to become a Trekkie! Hahaha, it happened after I watched Star Wars Episode IV, I was so hooked, I watched the originals every night.

And speaking of movies, I watched CASABLANCA a few weeks ago. Holy shizzles, I totally understand why it is the best movie ever. Bogie and Bergman were absolutely fantastic! And "As Time Goes By" is my new favourite oldie. I cannot explain more how obsessed I am with black&whites right now.

Thought I might as well fit this in here, I've been trying my hardest to get the 'Farrah' but unfortunately, I think my hair is still too short....
I love Farrah Fawcett and totally
idolize her, it's such a shame she's still suffering of Cancer, I really hope shegets better! But on a lighter note, here's some pictures of the wonder that is Farrah.
Honestly, how can you not love this hair style?!

Kate Jackson's dress is such a modern style now, I've seen it everywhere. Just goes to show there's nothing completely original out there anymore.

can you say STYLE ICONS? I'd love to have those wide-legs, I really need a pair.