Monday, November 30, 2009

stuck in a moment

one word: PALLADIUM

so at first I thought I'd use my savings to get myself a good pair of Doc Martens, but after I spent some time tonight on the Palladium Boots site, I have completely changed my mind. I am for sure saving up to get myself a pair of Palladium's. I still love Martens, but Palladium Boots are just too good to ignore. If you haven't checked out the website, then go! check it out now! And, if I may, you cannot leave the site without watching their exploration videos. So far they only have four, but they're ├╝ber interesting. My personal fav is the Missile Silo Homes.

"Combining over 60 years of authenticity with modern manufacturing, premium materials and cutting edge styling, Palladium boots are ready to help you explore your street, your city, or the world."
-Palladium Boots

Saturday, November 28, 2009

run it back with original flavor

for some strange reason I only came across these promos now, and I gotta say they make me very happy. it might be the colour of the photos, or it might be how fun and exuberant Lady Gaga looks in them. whatever the reason I am very gaga over Gaga right now. I can't even count how many times I've listened to 'Bad Romance'. I'll most likely be making more posts about her and her insane style since I am now very inspired by her look.

"Walk, walk passion baby, work it. I'm a freak bitch, baby"

Friday, November 27, 2009

take a double shot

so I thought I'd stick to the same old poses................

I was pretty damn bored today, so I thought I'd try out action shots. All I really did was move around a lot while my camera was taking photos. I'm quite impressed that they didn't turn out super blurry.
wearing: navy blue blazer-Value Village ($7!!), light blue raglan-American Apparel, high-waist denim skirt-H&M.

However, it was really cold today. And although I've lived in Canada my entire life, I still cannot get used to the weather............

so I put on the warmest over-sized cardigan you can imagine


and i saved the best for last.......

"I got the wit that my enemies lack"
wearing: over-sized cardigan-Value Village($10), blouse-Value Village($5), denim skirt-H&M

Monday, November 23, 2009

i'm baaaaaack

For now, at least.

I've unfortunately been incredibly busy with school......... okay maybe not. I've just had no inspiration, absolutely none.

Just a few details of what I have been doing with my life so far:


just some highlights. nothing like NY Fashion Week, but I was glad to be at my first fashion show.


I never ever ever thought I would see Kiss in concert, however my dad surprised me with tickets the night before the concert. Yeah, I love my life. Mrs.Gene Simmons herself, Shannon Tweed, showed up before the concert started. And to be completely honest, she is a hot mom. Just thought I'd put it out there........ The concert was a BLAST, and I think I had an ever better time than I did at AC/DC.

So I started listening to Wolfmother A LOT, in these past few months and when I heard they were coming here for a concert, I totally freaked. Luckily I had enough cash on me to pay for my ticket, so my super cool aunt and I hit up the concert this past Saturday. Funnest concert ever, so far. I literally had so much fun, I never sat down once. And the crowd was so rowdy. People in the front row never stopped jumping up on stage, by the end the security guards pratically gave up. I'd definitely go see them again.